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A guest post from Bookaholic Belle

1 minute read

Here at Bookship, we love book bloggers. They spend so much time and energy writing about their book discoveries, helping all of us find better books to read...

Interview with Marc Saltzman of Tech It Out!

less than 1 minute read

Had a chance to be interviewed by Marc Saltzman for radio (Radio America’s Tech It Out), airing tomorrow (Saturday afternoon). It’s also syndicated via podca...

Last chance for a free TBR app!

2 minute read

Hello everyone! We’re in the final stages of beta testing our forthcoming TBR app. TBR is a great place to keep your To Be Read list (and the books you’re re...

My book projects

1 minute read

No secret to anyone that knows me, that I love books.

Book Roulette: A little bit of fun

less than 1 minute read

I decided to take a day off “work” and have some fun. My kind of fun is probably not the same as most people….