A guest post from Bookaholic Belle

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Here at Bookship, we love book bloggers. They spend so much time and energy writing about their book discoveries, helping all of us find better books to read! We’re happy to introduce quality book bloggers to our audience!

Today we welcome Bookaholic Belle. You can find her on Instagram here. She is also included in our directory of book sites on our sister projects The Hawaii Project and the TBR app, where you can find her in the News section! Read on where she introduces herself and her reading!

Hi! I’m a Bookaholic Belle. I’m a bookstagrammer and book blogger. 

I write about books I read, create reading lists just for fun, and share my takeaways from nonfiction books I read. I also write spoilers on my blog only when I think the book is not worth the time and money. 

I like to read romantic comedy books for more than a year now. It’s actually weird because years ago I wasn’t really a fan of rom-com books. I preferred mystery and thriller over romance back then. 

I’m a mood reader, meaning I choose my next read based on how I feel. So maybe someday, I’ll be back to reading mysteries and thrillers. For now my mood is in romantic comedy.

You can find me on Instagram, or rather Bookstagram. I’m Bookaholic Belle there. If you have any good book recommendations, message me the title.