Bookship Premium

Bookship is a social reading app that lets you share your reading experiences. Whether it’s reading a great novel with your best friend across the country, a business book with your co-workers, or participating in a neighborhood book club, Bookship enriches your reading experience and your relationships.

Bookship. Better friendships. Better relationships. Through books.

Bookship is free for readers and groups less than 10 people. Bookship Premium is a monthly subscription product that provides:

  • Readings with 10 or more people
  • Bookship Briefings: curated background content about your book and the author.
  • Personalized Book Recommendations
  • No Ads

Bookship Premium is $2.99 / month, or your equivalent in your local currency. Subscription is month-to-month, you can cancel at any time, and there is a 2 week trial subscription available for free.

More Background

When you Start a Reading (a discussion group about a book), you will be asked to invite your fellow readers. Groups with 10 or more people require a Bookship Premium subscription.

Book Briefings are curated content about a book. We scan over 1000 of the top websites about books to find trusted reviews, author interviews, reading guides, background content, book trailers, and more! All of that is delivered right in the app, so you don’t have to go scrambling around the web to learn more about the book you are reading. It’s especially helpful for Group Leaders to spark conversations about the book.

Premium users also have access to personalized book recommendations via the Your Picks capability. You tell us what kinds of books you like and what authors you love, and perform a quick training of the system on your preferences.

We scan over 1000 of the top websites, to see what books they are writing about, and every day we pick the top books matching your interests and current events. There’s more details about Your Picks here.

Bookship Premium users are guaranteed to never see ads. To be fair, we currently do not show ads to anyone, but we may choose to do so in the future; by purchasing Premium you ensure you get the cleanest experience, and help us keep Bookship going.

Bookship Team includes administrative tools for large/multiple groups, as well as reader analytics. In particular, administrators can pre-define groups by uploading csv files containing the group breakdowns and participant emails, and have access to the Bookship Team Dashboard showing participation and reading metrics for each reader.

As a reminder, 10% of all our revenue goes to great literacy non-profits, to support our mission of driving reading and literacy. Join today at!