Personalized Book Recommendations, aka Your Picks

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We’re excited to introduce personalized book recommendations (“Your Picks”) to Bookship Premium, as of version 8.5, in your app stores now.

Finding great books to read can be a challenge. And new books by your favorite authors often slip through the cracks. Who has time to keep up with all that? Let us do the work for you!

Bookship tracks what over 1000 of the best book websites, reviewers and curators are writing about. With Your Picks, you tell us what kinds of books and authors you like, and every day we scan those sites, looking for books that best match your personal interests and current events (your past readings and saved books are also taken into account!). They’re available under Browse / Your Picks, and once a week we’ll send you a summary email with your best picks for that week. We’ll also send you an email whenever one of your favorite authors releases a new book.

Pick your Channels

Pick as many Channels (e.g. Topics or Genres) you like. We’ll look for topical books on those subjects

Pick your authors

Enter your favorite authors or authors you want to track. We’ll include books like theirs in your recommendations, and notify you when they publish new books.

Train the System

Pick Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down on as many books as you can. Thereafter, we’ll recommend books similar to the ones you picked. You can also pick the Bookmark icon to save a book for later if you haven’t read it, or pick the Heart icon to tell us you *really* like that book.

See Your Picks

Your Picks will be updated every night, based on your interests and what books people are talking about around the web.

We’ll send you an email once a week with a summary!

That’s it!

Your Picks is a Bookship Premium feature, along with our Book Briefings and access to large reading groups. Bookship Premium is $2.99 / month (or your equivalent in local currency), and it helps us keep the lights on and stay ad-free. You can try it for free for two weeks. We hope you’ll help support us, and find this new feature of value!

(Oh BTW: “If you liked this, you’ll like that”! If you go to any book page, you’ll see a lightbulb icon. Tap that and you’ll get related books similar to that one. Just another way to get interesting recommendations!)