My book projects

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No secret to anyone that knows me, that I love books.

What might be a secret are the number of books-related projects I’ve made over the years. I thought it would be fun to collect them all.

Book Roulette

My most recent project, Book Roulette shows you an interesting new book each time you open a new tab in Chrome (or Brave!). It’s a Chrome extension. Get it here. And you can read more about it here:


If you’re reading this blog, you surely know about Bookship already. Bookship is a social reading app. A virtual book club app. Read a book with your friends, family or book club, and keep in touch while you do it.

Get it here.

The Hawaii Project

The one that started it all. After I left Telenav, after the goby acquisition, I wanted to work on books. So I built The Hawaii Project, a personalized Book Recommendation engine. After working on that for quite awhile, I stumbled upon the idea for Bookship and went from there!

Try it out, here.

What Should I Read Next?

Using the recommendations engine from The Hawaii Project, I built an Alexa skill you can talk to, and get book recommendations. (Three years later, Amazon copied me and released their own What Should I Read Next … grr….). Get mine here.


BookTrap is a trapper / keeper for books you find on the web. It’s a Chrome extension. When you’re on a page and an interesting book is mentioned, hit the BookTrap button. We’ll scan the page and find the books mentioned, which you can then add to your account to remember them.

Get it here.