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My year in reading, 2016

5 minute read

The irony of building a book discovery web site is that my TBR pile gets increasingly huge (~300 books and counting), while I have increasingly less time to ...


4 minute read

Indie publishing has created a revolution. Hugh Howey became one of the top selling science fiction authors via self-publishing. Author Earnings reports that...

Song of the Exile, by Kiana Davenport

1 minute read

Song of the Exile is an extraordinary, powerful, heartbreaking novel. It follows the lives of Keo, a native Hawaiian who burns to play jazz, and Sunny, a Kor...

The Knowledge, by Steven Pressfield

2 minute read

You probably know Pressfield as the author of Gates of Fire. Or maybe The Legend of Bagger Vance. Or maybe The War of Art. All amazing works.

Find me a gift, Quick!!

less than 1 minute read

Few things make better gifts than a thoughtfully chosen, personalized book.

The Pigeon Tunnel, by John Le Carré

5 minute read

I recently finished The Pigeon Tunnel, the ‘autobiography’ of David Cornwell, aka John Le Carré, the well known writer of espionage novels.

Black Sails, Disco Inferno

2 minute read

(I am not making this up) A book premised on a 1970s, disco-laden Noir retelling of the medieval Tristan and Isolde legend. Sign me up.

A Conversation with Alexia Chamberlynn

6 minute read

As part of our author profile series, we had a chance to catch up with Alexia Chamberlynn, author of Martinis with the Devil, Whiskey with Angelfire and Blac...