Find a book gift for someone with our Book chatbot!

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In case you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know what a chatbot is, it’s a service where you communicate via written or spoken words and sentences, rather than clicking menu items in a browser.

We’re in the early stages of testing our Book chatbot. In our case, you send messages to us via Facebook messenger (go to or and start messaging us.

You can find great gift ideas for the holidays, or for yourself. There’s a few “modalities” — you can tell us what your recipient is interested in or what kind of books they read, you can tell us the name of a book you loved and we’ll recommend good followon books. Or you can ask us what’s popular right now (with more capabilities on the way).

A sample interaction might look something like this:

It’s early days for our bot, but we hope you can give it a go. It’s powered by The Hawaii Project’s recommendation engine, which knows about hundreds of thousands of great books. Every conversation you have with it helps us make it better.