Keep your Reading List on Bookship

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Bookship is a social reading app for sharing your reading experiences with friends, family co-workers or book club.

Whether it’s reading a great novel with your best friend across the country, a neighborhood book club, or a business book with your co-workers, Bookship is a virtual bookclub, enriching your reading experience and your relationships.

Bookship also provides powerful browsing of books of current interest, powered by The Hawaii Project’s book search engine, which tracks what over a thousand of the web’s top book websites are writing about, guaranteeing you recommendations of high quality books of topical interest. Organized into our unique Channels, we bring recommendations to any reader, no matter whether they like Science Fiction, Romance, or Medieval History.

Today we’re pleased to announce our Bookmarking (ha! get it?!) feature. While you’re browsing, save interesting books away to your TBR list to come back to them later. Access all your saved books right from the Browse page.