A new bookstore in Hawaii

1 minute read

I was on my way to book club (the Greener Reader book club), we were reading Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor. Interesting, if erratic, alien “first contact” book set in Nigeria. I was early, and I’d seen a tweet there was a new bookstore in Kaimuki (it’s called da Shop), and I’ve never met a bookstore I didn’t like, so….

da Shop is sufficiently new that even Google Maps doesn’t know about it. It’s located underneath Bess Press at 3565 Harding Ave. I wandered til I found it, then wandered in. Turns out, they weren’t actually open yet. I had arrived while they were finishing setting up. They open tomorrow, and have patagonia Ambassador Liz Clark talking about her book Swell. If you’re in Hawaii and love books or surfing or sailing, you should go.

da Shop is one part Hawaiiana books and one part big 5 bestsellers. It is a small but elegant space, tastefully done up. Alas, no coffee as yet :) I was very happy to see a copy of Curve of the Hook, a stunningly beautiful and hard to find book of Polynesian Archaeology. Too bad they couldn’t sell it to me yesterday. Guess I have to go back.