Amazon Alexa book recommender

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Today marks our 2nd foray into voice-driven book recommendations. Today we’re releasing an Alexa Skill for book recommendations, powered by The Hawaii Project.

Have an Alexa, Dot or Amazon Echo? You can download it here:

We call it What Should I Read Next? You can also enable it directly on your Alexa device with the command, “Alexa enable what should I read next?”.

You can ask it for books, authors, genres or topics you like and we’ll recommend great, topical books. You can ask “what’s popular right now”, and we’ll tell you the currently hot books. Or you can ask for more details about a particular book. Here’s a few examples of things you can say:

“I loved The Hunger Games”
“I like Toni Morrison”
“I like mysteries”
“More about The Three Musketeers”
“Books about Politics”

and so on…

(you can recall we launched our first on our Facebook page, powered by Init.Ai. That has a more robust conversational model. The Alexa model is short-n-sweet, and that’s what this is).

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