How to find Free Books

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Everyone loves to read. But books can be expensive! Here are some great ways to read books for free.

Your local library. Duh. Did you know your local library probably has ebooks and audiobooks too? (and much more!). If you’re looking for a particular book, Overdrive has a neat search engine that searches most local library systems after you enter your zip code.

OpenLibrary is a part of the Internet Archive. They have an enormous database of books, many of which you can check out for free once you create a (free) account.

Project Gutenberg has about 50,000 free ebooks, mostly classics.


With the Kindle Lending Library, you can borrow one book per month, free, for books that are in the program, if you have Amazon Prime.

or browse their top 100 free books:

Bookbub and Book Gorilla will keep you update on deals — sometimes free, sometimes just cheap. Riffle has a nice daily email of cheap or free books.

One of our favorite ways of reading for free is through what’s called “Advance Reader Copies”, aka ARCs. In most cases, getting these books is competitive — the publisher is looking for the best, most well-known reviewers who can generate a high quality review as well as attract attention to the book. So if you have a book blog or work in the book industry you may have a leg up. The best part about this is getting early access to works from your favorite authors.



LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program:

Goodreads has a list of books you can read for free:

Do you know something I missed? Let me know!