So you want to learn about Jazz…

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The best way to learn about jazz is to listen to jazz. That said, put some jazz on your playlist WHILE you read some books about jazz.

Here’s a link to a classic jazz playlist on Spotify to get you started.

I went through a huge jazz phase, sparked by reading this novel: In War Times, by Kathleen Ann Goonan. It’s a SF/Alternate history set in the early jazz age and talks a lot about the music. I made a playlist of the music mentioned in it: In War Times (Kathleen Ann Goonan), a playlist by Mark Watkins on Spotify. I think it’s really fun to work your way from early jazz to late jazz, learning along the way.

For non-fiction about Jazz, consider But Beautiful by Geoff Dyer or Max Gordon’s stories from the Village Vanguard, the mecca of Jazz.

Here’s a list of more great books about jazz — add your own!