Scoundrel, by Bernard Cornwell

1 minute read

As part of my continuing experiment with Scribd’s ebook subscription service, I stumbled upon Scoundrel, by one of my favorite authors, Bernard Cornwell. I know him from his great historical fiction - some of my favorites are the Saxon Chronicles, his novel about Agincourt and the Thomas of Hookton Archer series. Who knew he’d written sailing novels?

Bostonian Paul Shanahan is a smuggler, an arms dealer, a suspected CIA agent, and a sailor. Now he’s agreed to haul $5M in gold across the ocean in a sailboat to help the IRA….Scoundrel is a kind of Patriot Games with Sailboats. Good fun. If you’re looking for a good airplane book, this’ll do the trick.

The first real “discovery” I had using Scribd, it found this book for me, and I thought I was aware of every book in Cornwell’s resume. While it’s nothing like as serious as his other works, it was good fun all the same and a pleasant discovery.