Introducing Lists to The Hawaii Project!

2 minute read

Everybody loves lists, right?

Lists are so much fun! Heck Buzzfeed pretty much made a whole company out of just making lists!

Now you can roll your own book lists on The Hawaii Project! You can share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and they can even add books to your list if you let them! And, each list has a comments section, so you and your friends can comment on or discuss the list.

Lists are a great way of organizing and sharing things. The Hawaii Project has always provided some built-in lists — your Want, Read and Favorites list (and when we make your recommendations we take books on those lists into account). But sometimes, those lists aren’t enough. It’s fun to collect a list of books on a particular topic. Here’s an example: I love books set in bookstores or libraries (like The Shadow of the Wind).

So I made a list of them. I’ve made it public (anyone can see the list) and collaborative (anyone can add to the list). Have a look here, and please! add to the list if you know some great ones.

Creating a list is easy (you need to have an account and be signed in). Just go to My Stuff -> My Lists, and hit Create List, and off you go. You can add a book to one of your lists from the Books page (the drop-down under the Want button), or directly from the list’s page.

Lists are great for book clubs. Just make a page for your book club, and you and your club mates can build a list of books for consideration and discussion.

Let us know what you think!