Being in the water

1 minute read

I remember many years ago learning to surf in Hawaii with my daughter. (Well, she learned; me, not so much). We got some instructions on the beach, then, into the water we go. Our instructor pushed us into the waves, and my daughter, a gymnast, popped right up onto the board and was surfing the first time.

I just couldn’t get it. Kept missing the wave, or losing my footing. And getting more and more frustrated and unhappy with each attempt.

At some point, I had the thought: why are you so unhappy? You’re in the water in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the sun is shining and you’re having fun with your kids.

Sometimes, you just have to enjoy “being in the water”, and let go of the immediate need for success. Trust the process.

Going through a bit of that with The Hawaii Project now. The first rush of the launch is off, and while things are going ok, customer acquisition is not going the way I want it to, and attempts to generate press aren’t hitting yet.

Sometimes, you just have to enjoy being in the water. I’m working my dream project, I have the freedom to chase it on my own terms.

Enjoy being in the water. Keep pushing, don’t be satisfied, but enjoy being in the water.

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