About us

Bookship is a social reading app that lets you share your reading experiences. Whether it’s reading a great novel with your best friend across the country, a business book with your co-workers, or participating in a neighborhood book club, Bookship enriches your reading experience and your relationships.

Books Change Lives. Books have the power to transform lives. Our mission is to get more people reading. And reading is better with friends - it will enrich your relationship with them and your experience of the book. The act of reading together will help you read more books. We also believe it’s too hard to find great books, so we provide easy to use tools that help you find interesting, personally relevant books based on what the web’s leading tastemakers are writing about.

We put our money where our mouth is. We donate 10% of our revenue - not our profits - to three great literacy non-profits. 10% right off the top.

Bookship. Better friendship. Better relationships. Through books.

With Bookship you can invite people to read along with you - via print book, e-book or audiobook - and then post and react to comments, thoughts, photos/videos, quotes, links and questions through a chat-style interface.


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Hi there.

Bookship is the creation of yours truly, Mark Watkins. You can find me around the web on my blog, my Instagram, and my LinkedIn Profile. You can follow my ramblings about Richard the Lionheart here.

You can email me at mark - at - youguessedit - thehawaiiproject dot com.